3 Top Ways to Make Your Bust Smaller in Appearance

Published: 29th September 2010
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For women who have excessively huge breasts, it is a big deal for them to make their breasts appear smaller because they feel uncomfortable with the unwanted attention brought by carrying huge breasts. Having large breasts can also interfere with the normal physical activities of some women. If you are too self-conscious about the appearance of your breasts, the following tips can be very helpful to make your bust smaller in appearance.

Minimize the appearance of your breasts by wearing minimizer bra. Wearing normal bra will only make your bust line appear bigger because normal bras tend to push the breasts up. Minimizer bras are designed to compress and keep the breasts tucked in to make them appear smaller. In choosing a minimizer bra it is important to ask for professional help to get the right cup size. Wearing the right size of minimizer bra can make your bust smaller in appearance.

Wear dark-colored clothing. Wearing dark-colored clothes like black and dark blue can make your bust smaller in appearance. Light colors will only highlight your big bust line. Tops with prints and busy designs or patterns can draw more attention to your breasts so avoid them.

Wear loose clothing. One way to make your breast look smaller is to hide your breasts by wearing baggy clothing. Avoid body hugging and revealing clothing because they will only make your breasts look bigger.

The tips mentioned above will only make your bust smaller in appearance but will not actually reduce the size of your breasts. You can temporarily get rid of the unwanted attention and self-consciousness brought by big breasts but the physical and medical discomfort of having big breasts are still there.

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