Attracting Men- Discover What Fascinate Guys about Women

Published: 19th January 2010
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Ever wonder what are the things than men find exciting and attractive about women? Discovering the things that fascinate guys can be very helpful if you want to achieve success with men. In this modern dating game, it is important to stand out from the rest and get noticed by the man of your dreams.

Initially men are attracted to the physical appearance of a woman. Most men are visual so it is important to make a good first impression by looking your best. You do not have to look like those supermodels to fascinate guys but you have to be presentable. Practice good grooming and good hygiene. Maintaining a good figure is also a plus if you want to get noticed by guys.

It may surprise you that to most men, the inside beauty fascinate guys more than the outside beauty. It may appear that guys only cares about the physical appearance but in most cases guys look more than that in a woman they want to be with.

One of the things that fascinate guys about women is the way she stands, talk and conveys non-verbal language. A woman who is comfortable with her skin, confident and can carry herself well is a very attractive woman. Women who always need the affirmation of other people and too dependent usually drives men away.

Meeting a woman who knows when to stop talking and when to listen also fascinate guys. If you are a guy who are used to seeing women who talk aloud and non-stop, finding someone who has the sense to stop talking and listen is a real gem.

Guys often avoid a woman who looks distracted, emotionless and full of resentment. The negative emotion comes out on the face of a woman and on her actions even without talking. It fascinate guys to see women who have a bright face full of positive emotions that usually comes out with her smile, actions and even in her eyes. The eyes of a woman can tell everything about her. The smile of a woman also fascinates guys because it shows that the person is friendly and approachable.

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