Breaking Up - Ending a Relationship With Dignity

Published: 22nd June 2010
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Breaking up with someone is not easy and the best thing that you can do if it is time to break up is ending a relationship with dignity. Although it is a painful part of any relationship, it should not be ugly and traumatic.

Sometimes a break up may happen in a dramatic way that involves painful words and action. Sometimes it just happened mutually when both realize that the relationship is over and they put an end to it at the same time. In other relationships, breaking up is a long process where things happen gradually or things degrading over time and couples find it too late that they are heading for a break up.

Relationship break up may happen in different ways but ending a relationship with dignity is important. Although you want to end the relationship, you do not have to be enemies. So how can you end a bad relationship without being enemies? Here are some tips:

Communication is the key. It is important to talk with each other peacefully. Ending a relationship with dignity involves a decent conversation. It is not good to end the relationship on the phone or through emails. You both deserve a decent conversation face to face unless you are into a long distance relationship. Discuss the cause of wanting to break up or the reason why you are breaking up. Your partner deserves your honesty and the reason behind the break up.

In ending a relationship with dignity, it is important to be nice. Avoid hurtful words and action. Being defensive or pushing the other person to get defensive will just make the situation ugly. Treat each other with respect and be compassionate if your partner starts to get emotional.

You do not have to be enemies and you do not have to burn bridges. Although at this stage, making up with each other seems impossible, you cannot tell what will happen in the future. Ending a relationship with dignity and without hurting each other will give you better chance of being together in the future if this is something you would like to do.

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