Common Problems Due to Large Breast Size

Published: 17th August 2009
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Bigger is not always better and this is true on breast size. Some women want their breasts bigger but there are women who are complaining about the discomforts brought by huge breasts. The physical and emotional problems due to large breast size are sometimes hard to handle and it can affect ones social and personal life.

Here are the common problems due to large breast size:

Physical health problems. Common physical problems due to large breast size are shoulder and back pain. The heavy breasts put so much pressure on the back causing backache or worse spinal problem. Too much chest weight burdens the shoulder resulting to deep grooves caused by bra straps.

Emotional health problems. Big breasted women can be an object of teasing and nasty comments by most men and other people. They will not be taken seriously and branded as flirt and easy to get. Constant humiliation and embarrassment could lead to low self-esteem and depression. The emotional pains due to large breast can be very disturbing.

Physical appearance is greatly affected. Finding the right size of clothes could be a real challenge and most of the time frustrating. Your breasts will not fit in a cute beautiful swimsuit. One of the most frustrating problems due to large breast is that you will end up wearing baggy loose fitting clothes to give more room to your big breast. Your self image and physical appearance will greatly suffer because you cannot wear appropriate clothes.

Restricted movement. One of the common problems due to large breast is that huge breasts can get into the way of physical activities like running. You will find it hard to participate in sports and physical activities especially if it involves running. The huge breasts will keep bouncing causing pains while running.

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