Dealing With Commitment Issues of Men - How to Get Him to Commit

Published: 12th August 2010
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Being in a relationship where your man is afraid to commit to a serious relationship is a very confusing and frustrating situation. Most women experience this situation at one point or another and dealing with commitment issues of men can be very hard sometimes.

It can be very tiring to be in a relationship without commitment but instead of being too negative about your situation, there are things that you can do to make your man eventually commit. There are ways to create a long term relationship with him.

Do not blame yourself. Most of the time women blame themselves if the man they are dating has a problem with commitment. Women think that they are too demanding and pushy. In dealing with commitment issues of men, you have to remember that it is not your fault that he is afraid to commit. There are a number of reasons why men cannot fully commit to someone. He may have failed in the past and do not want to rush things now or he is simply not yet ready for a serious commitment.

Give him space. In dealing with commitment issues of men, instead of putting pressure on him to commit with you, give him his space. Men need their space to think things over. This will allow him to be with other people for a while to breathe and think things over. This will also give him the idea that being with you does not mean he is trapped and have to be with you all the time. Giving him space will make him feel that commitment is not a prison cell. He can still do the things that he loves to do while in a serious relationship. He needs to know that people do not stop growing even if they are committed to someone.

Be committed. Of course if you are asking him to be committed to you, you have to be committed to him too. In dealing with commitment issues of men, some women have a wrong idea that only men have commitment issues and men should be the one to do all the work to be committed. It takes two to tango and if you want your man to commit, you also have to be prepared to commit to the relationship.

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