Get Rid of Embarrassing Warts

Published: 14th November 2009
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Warts are common skin growth caused by virus called HPV, human papillomanvirus. They are usually painless but they occasionally itch. They can be a real nuisance if they grow on uncomfortable location like the hands and feet. They may bleed if often bumped. They can affect even your personal and sex life if they grow on your genital area. They are unsightly and embarrassing especially if they appear in large numbers on your face and neck. It is important to get rid of embarrassing warts and feel better about your appearance.

The different types of warts include common warts which usually appear on the hands and other parts of the body, flat warts usually grow on the face, plantar warts appear on the soles of the feet and genital warts appear on the vagina, cervix, anus and penile area. Warts are infectious and can spread to other parts of the body or can transfer from one person to another. They may appear individually or in clusters. Although they may disappear without treatment, some types of warts spread quickly and you have to seek treatment to stop the infection and get rid of embarrassing warts.

Over the counter medicines can help you get rid of embarrassing warts. Daily application of cream, solution or gel with salicylic acid content can make your warts disappear. But do not use over the counter medicine on your face or genital area. It is best to consult your dermatologist for facial warts. Genital warts are sexually transmitted infection and may need the attention of your doctor.

Your doctor may recommend stronger medicines to get rid of stubborn warts. Surgical procedures like laser therapy, cryotherapy and electrocautery may be recommended by your doctor to get rid of embarrassing warts. You have to prepare for the cost of the treatments because they can be real expensive. Repeat treatments maybe required because warts have the tendency to regrow after treatment. In rare cases, minor scarring or formation of keloids may occur after removal.

To get rid of embarrassing warts, you have to be patient and follow certain regimen. You also need a lot of money especially on surgical procedures. Some people do not seek treatment due to the high cost of treatment. They continue to suffer the effect of unsightly warts on their personal and social life.

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