How to Attract and Magnetize Women

Published: 08th April 2009
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Attracting women is one issue that puzzles men. There are men who attract women like magnet but in general most men have difficulty drawing women towards them. Most men have a problem that they are not attractive enough to magnetize women. Many men get frustrated in getting the woman of their dreams which should not be the case because attracting women is an art that can be learned by any man.

Most men think that they have to be exceptionally good looking to magnetize women, but if you look around, you will see that this is not the reality. There are men who are not that good looking and yet attract girls like magnet.

If you have insecurities like you are too old, ugly or fat and you will never attract any woman, most likely it will happen. Women can sense insecurities and do not want to be around men who are insecure. It is important that you focus on your good qualities instead of your shortcomings to magnetize women. Women want to be around men who are positive and make them feel good.

You do not have to be an Adonis or good looking to magnetize women but of course you need to know how to present or carry yourself. You have total control on how to dress, how to groom yourself and how to appear fresh and to look good. You can look good and present yourself well even if you are not that Adonis type of man.

Most women do not just base their attraction on physical characteristics but how men make them feel matters a lot to most women. Good looking guys may have an advantage for being attractive at first glance but eventually if he lacks substance, boring and do not know how to make women feel good and loved, the attraction will not last and will eventually vanish.

The key to magnetize women is to make them feel good. Women want to be around men who know how to make them feel good.

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