How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams

Published: 09th April 2009
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Women are made to believe that men should make the first move and ask them out but even if you believe in that, there are still things that you can do to attract the man of your dreams. Contrary to what others believe, men are not just attracted to a beautiful face and sexy body. Learning how to attract men attracted is not that difficult if you know how. Here are some useful tips:

Be yourself. Be comfortable with yourself and let him know that you are a unique individual through your personality and looks. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. You do not have to pretend, you can attract the man of your dreams if you are honest and comfortable with yourself.

Cook for him. As the saying goes, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Learn to cook and you are ahead of other women and you have the advantage to attract the man of your dreams. Men are attracted to women who know how to cook and care for the people around her. Of course you also have to love what you are doing, learning how to cook and enjoying what you are doing will make you more attractive.

Be smart and improve your education. To attract the man of your dreams, you have to be smart and educated. Men are attracted to smart women, who are not boring and who speak their minds but still respect other people's opinion. You can be smart and yet not conceited. Besides, being educated is an asset not only in attracting men, but also in other areas of your life, like jobs and dealing with other people.

Enhance your asset. Another saying is "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". There is no single definition of beauty; everyone has their own preference of beauty. Any woman can be beautiful in her own right. Know your asset and what makes you more attractive and beautiful. Maybe you have beautiful hair or skin and there's nothing wrong to flaunt it once in a while. Wear sleeveless on appropriate occasions if you have beautiful shoulder and arms. Wear make up to enhance your beauty but do not over do it. You have the asset and natural beauty to attract the man of your dreams.

Wear a smile. There's nothing more powerful than being approachable and friendly. You will draw people to you if you wear a smile. You can attract the man of your dreams with your angelic smile, knowing that you are approachable and friendly.

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