How to Know if a Woman Loves You: Signs that She Loves You

Published: 09th April 2009
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How to know if a woman loves you? Love can be a game of hide and seek. If everything is as simple as feeling something and saying those feelings out loud, then the world will be better off. This kind of honesty is however cannot be done in reality as people live in fear, insecurity and oh let us not forget pride. We cannot tell or show how we feel because we fear rejection. We will only show our feelings when we are really sure that our feelings will be reciprocated. When we are not sure, we will choose to just keep it a secret than run the risk of getting hurt.

Although stereotyped as people who let pride rule their emotions, men are not the only ones who are ruled by pride. Women are also much the same thing; more so in cultures that are more conservative where women are raised not to make the first move. But although liberal cultures like in the America allow women to take the initiative, there are still some who just cannot take the risk and say how they feel. Some will just try to show you in subtle ways, hoping that when you take notice, you will make your own move. It is always hard to tell if a woman loves you.

Sometimes, even when already in a relationship, if a woman loves you she will still not express what she feels, choosing to cloak her feelings in shadows of empty sweetness. And mind you, men also experience their own insecurities. They will also question a woman's feelings even when already in a relationship. It is crucial to know if a woman loves you.

Having different modes of thinking and ways of expression, men's interpretations of the signs that women show often result to mixed up signals. So what is the right way to interpret their actions and to know if a woman loves you? How will you really know if your girl really loves you? Here are some signs that you should watch out for when trying to determine if a woman loves you.

How to know if a woman loves you

1. Willingness to sacrifice

If a woman loves you she has the willingness to sacrifice. There are things that people will not do for anyone but the people that they love. Look for things that differentiate how your woman treats you and how she treats other people in her life. Are you one of the priorities? Do you come first before her friends? Does she do things for you that she would not do for other people? These are keys on how special you really are to her? Has she sacrificed some things just to be with you? These are the things that indicate just how special you are to her.

2. Worry-wart

Some women may not say much but they worry for the safety of the people they love. This is one way to know if a woman loves you. When what you do affects them in some way, this means that you matter in their lives. This is one of the most obvious signs of love in a person because you care enough to worry for their safety. You can tell if a woman loves you if she worries for your safety.

3. Jealousy

Although jealousy may not necessarily be a good thing when you think about it, a hint of it is a sign that a person is into you. There is jealousy if a woman loves you. A dose of jealousy is actually healthy to a relationship as it validates feelings and reassures the partner that the other is afraid of losing you to someone else. Of course too much of it can also be detrimental. Learn to balance and solve jealousy issues immediately.

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