How to Know if He is Attracted to You

Published: 09th April 2009
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After meeting a guy, are you curious what he is thinking? Do you want to know if he is attracted to you? Attraction is one of the important factors in the dating scene. Men send out signs and body language for you to know if he is interested. Learning how to read these signs could be very helpful and interesting.

Put utmost attention on his body language and you will know if he is attracted to you. Here are some clues to help you find out if he is interested.

You can read it through his eyes. His gaze is a clue to know if he is attracted to you. If he is trying to establish an eye contact with you and holding if for a few seconds before looking away, then you definitely got his attention and he is trying to make a connection with you.

Is he nervous? You could know if he is attracted to you if he is nervous when you are around. Most men tend to be self conscious and nervous at the presence of the woman they desire.

His smile is yours. His smile is sending signals that he is happy to see you or an invitation that he wants to talk to you. Smile is the universal language of friendliness and a clue that someone is approachable.

You will know that he is attracted to you by the way he treats you. Men usually tease someone they really like but they are careful not to offend you. He is just getting your attention and trying to be nicer when you are around.

During conversation, you will know if he is attracted to you if he listens in everything you say. He is interested in your hobbies and anything you like to do. He remembers almost anything you said and all ears when you are talking. You will also notice that he talks to you often than the other people around him.

There are tell-tale signs to know if he is attracted to you. It is important that you know how to respond to these signs to be successful in the dating arena. Discover the secrets in understanding men and use it to your advantage to create a successful relationship with the man of your dreams. Visit The Woman Men Adore

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