How to Make Any Woman Laugh and Fall for You

Published: 09th April 2009
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Humor is the best weapon that men can use to win a woman's heart. If you would visit any dating forum, women always comment or write on their profile that they like men with sense of humor. In fact, 82% of women consistently rank humor as one of the top 3 qualities of men they want to date. If you know how to make any woman laugh, you are ahead of the game and she will eventually fall for you.

This is a problem for men who believe that they don't have a sense of humor. Frustrated that they can't make any woman laugh and worried that there is no way they could win the heart of the woman they love. But don't despair, sense of humor can be learned and acquired through right techniques and practice.

Here are some tips to make any woman laugh and fall for you.

Do not afraid to throw a joke.

Most men are skeptical to throw a joke to make any woman laugh. They are afraid that the joke is not that funny and women may feel frustrated or disappointed. Don't be afraid because women don't get disappointed when the joke is not funny. Studies shows that women's brain stays neutral and not disappointed when the joke is not funny but it gives them so much pleasure if the joke is surprisingly funny. So go ahead and try to make any woman laugh, there's nothing to lose.

Make laughing a habit.

If you heard a joke and you feel like laughing, laugh out loud if you want to. If you get used to laughing, people around you, including women, will laugh with you and it's easier to communicate and throw a joke to make any woman laugh. With practice, humor will come out naturally from you.

Do not be too serious.

Cheer up, lighten up a little that people may feel that you are approachable and they can joke with you. If people start joking with you, you can learn and start to throw jokes too. You can lighten up a little but you can still keep the respect you need if you keep your respect to other people. Joking doesn't mean you disrespect people unless you joke about someone's disability or make fun at the expense of other people.

Always wear a smile.

Do not frown, if you make it a habit to always wear a smile, you will create a pleasant mood. People around you especially women will regard you as a cheerful and happy person. And who wouldn't want to be with a happy person? Women love to be with happy, cheerful men.

If you and the woman you are dating can laugh together, you are creating good memories that linger especially to women. If you can make any woman laugh, it is an experience she can to tell to her friends and family, delighted for having a date with a cheerful, humorous man.

Humor is powerful - much more powerful than most people have ever imagined and will ever know. However, most men will get stuck in a place called "Average, Dull, Boring" for their entire lives. Did you know that there are men who have learned the science to make any woman laugh and fall in love? Find out the secrets to attract beautiful women using the power of humor visit Make Women Laugh And Fall In Love

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