How to Make Your Girlfriend Stay for Good

Published: 19th December 2008
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We all experienced relationship break up at some point in our lives but if it keeps happening, maybe you are now asking how to make your girlfriend stay for good. People stay in a relationship because there are reasons to stay, now you maybe wondering what really makes a woman stay in a relationship. If you are trying to get your ex girlfriend back, it is also important to know what women are looking for in a relationship that will make them stay for good.

Excitement and thrill. If you get too satisfied in the relationship, it is very easy to be too comfortable and take things for granted which could lead to boredom. Like men, women are also looking for some excitement and if you keep doing the same things over and over again, she will begin to wonder how to try new things without you. To make your girlfriend stay for good, help her gain new experiences and adventures in her life with you. Discover new things or hobbies together that will add spice and excitement in your relationship.

Confidence and protection. To make your girlfriend stay for good, she should feel protected and confident around you. It is important that you are her source of confidence when she needs someone to boost her confidence during rough times in her life. Most women still believe in fairy tales where prince charming is there to save her. It is always a good feeling for any woman in love to feel secured when the man he love is just around to protect her if she needs it.

Believe in her. Like you, your girlfriend also has dreams and goals she wants to achieve in life. It is important that you believe and support her to achieve her goals. You do not want her to just decide on her own or look for support from someone else, right? To make your girlfriend stay for good, give her the support that she need when it comes to her personal dreams and be happy for her achievements. How can she leave a man who is always there to support her in every important milestone of her life?

Keeping a relationship with your girlfriend may require a lot of commitment and dedication but in return you can make your girlfriend stay for good. If you are mending a broken heart now and you want to win your ex girlfriend back, the above mentioned tips will serve as a reminder on what women really want from a boyfriend.

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