How to Stop Foot Sweating Problems

Published: 22nd June 2009
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Sweaty feet are very embarrassing problem that could also cause nuisance to other people especially if it is accompanied by foul odor. If you usually wear shoes and sweat excessively, the warm and moisture environment encourages the growth of fungi causing bad odor and other foot problems like athlete's foot. It is important to know how to stop foot sweating problems to prevent further embarrassment and other foot problems.

There are things that you can do to stop foot sweating problems and prevent bad odor or other foot problems. Here are some tips:

It is best to seek professional and medical advice if you are really bothered by your excessive foot sweating problems. If you do not know what to do it is better to seek advice on how to stop foot sweating problems.

Choose the right kind of shoes to stop foot sweating problems. Be particular with the type of shoes you wear. As much as possible avoid shoes made from synthetic materials because it does not absorb sweat and encourages sweating. All-leather shoes with washable insoles are much better. Clean the inside of your shoes often to avoid accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

Choose the right kind of socks to stop foot sweating problems. You also have to choose the right material for your socks. Avoid socks made from synthetic material, but socks made from 100% natural material like cotton is also not that good in absorbing moisture. Choose socks with the combination of wool and man-made fiber which has better absorption properties. Do not wear too tight socks and as much as possible wear the type of socks with ventilation panels designed to avoid too much foot moisture. Do not wear dirty used socks, always wear clean socks. Use antiseptic or antibacterial washing aid for your socks to kill the bacteria.

Prescription and non-prescription foot antiperspirant to stop foot sweating problems. There are over the counter and prescription foot antiperspirant or aluminum chloride solution to eliminate your sweating problems. Apply the product on clean and dry foot as directed but be cautious to notice if you have allergic reactions on the product and consult your doctor at once.

Natural remedies to stop foot sweating problems. With advance technology now, natural remedies are still around and gaining popularity because they are effective and inexpensive. Did you know that you can stop your foot and other sweating problems in less than two weeks using natural methods? To find out how visit Stop Sweating And Start Living

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