How to Stop Sweating Profusely

Published: 22nd June 2009
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Sweating is a normal way of the body to release heat and cools down during hot weather, when you are doing physical activities like sports and exercises but if you sweat excessively even on normal condition without doing strenuous physical activities, then you might have hyperhidrosis. You need to know your health condition and learn how to stop sweating profusely to avoid embarrassing situations.

Hyperhidrosis is the condition where you have increased perspiration even on normal condition on areas of the body where there are concentration of sweat glands like the feet, palms, armpits and groins. Although this condition is not life-threatening, it brings so much discomfort and embarrassment that is why it is important that you know how to stop sweating profusely.

You have to make sure that what you have is hyperhidrosis and not something else. Excessive sweating could be a symptom of other health issues like hyperthyroidism, endocrine illnesses, anxiety or panic disorder and other health issues. It is best to seek medical advice if you notice unusual or excessive sweating problems.

If your problem is hyperhidrosis, there are treatments to help you stop sweating profusely. Sweating problems makes you prone to bacteria causing foul body odor. Affected areas sometimes become red and inflamed. Using antiseptic soap and putting attention to your hygiene helps fight bacteria.

There are commercial products that can help you stop sweating profusely. Antiperspirant deodorant is one effective product to stop perspiration although it is only used for underarms sweating problems. In most cases this is just a temporary solution for underarm excessive sweating, but it is also helpful to prevent embarrassing social situations like having wet armpits during social functions. Prescription and non-prescription aluminum chloride solution is also helpful for other areas like the feet, palms and groins.

Another way to stop sweating profusely is to select the right type of clothes. Choose clothes that are made from natural material that will keep you ventilated or allow good circulation of air like cotton. Avoid synthetic clothing material that promotes sweating like polyester.

A more aggressive way to stop sweating profusely is through surgery. Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) is a surgical treatment to stop excessive sweating. This is a surgical procedure performed on the sweat glands to reduce sweating problems. Be warned that surgeries might have irreversible side effects and you have to try all possible options before taking the drastic step of surgery. There are reports that ETS surgery side effects are compensatory sweating or perspiration on different parts of the body.

Natural remedies are gaining popularity now because they are effective on some illnesses and they are also inexpensive. Do you want to discover the all-natural techniques to quickly stop sweating profusely? Imagine the confidence and good feeling you will have without your sweating problems. To stop sweating problems visit Stop Sweating And Start Living

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