How to Stop Vaginal Yeast Infection

Published: 01st April 2009
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Yeast infection has brought women a lot of inconvenience not only physically but also on their personal life especially on their femininity. Of course, any vaginal problem can affect the sexual relationship of any woman with their partner. Women who have genital infections are very much concern on how to stop vaginal yeast infection for good.

Common symptoms of the infection include painful urination, painful sexual intercourse, thick cheese-like vaginal discharge, itchiness and burning sensation on the vaginal area. These symptoms are too much to bear for any woman especially the itchiness and burning sensation. Before it becomes chronic you have to find a way to stop vaginal yeast infection as early as possible.

Candida which is responsible for the infection is normally present in our body in controlled quantity but if things get out of hand and the fungus multiply rapidly, infection occurs. There are things that disrupt the balance of our body and influence the occurrence of infection like taking antibiotics, pregnancy, hormonal changes, taking birth control pills and wearing tight fitting pants or underwear. The fungus thrives on warm moist environment like the vagina. Knowing what causes the infection will help you stop vaginal yeast infection for good.

Here are some of the common treatments to stop vaginal yeast infection:

Avoid triggers of the infection. The best remedy for the infection is to deal with the things that cause it. If the medications you are taking are causing the infections, then you have to seek medical help and inform your doctor about it. You also have to avoid wearing clothes that promotes sweating especially on your genital area because moist area is a very good breeding area for the fungus.

Changes in your diet. To stop vaginal yeast infection, you have to have some changes in your diet. If you love sweets, this is the time to avoid it. Sugar encourages the growth of the fungus, so you have to avoid food with sugar. Food and drinks like beer and bread are also not good for your infection and you have to avoid them.

Antifungal medicines. The most common remedy to stop vaginal yeast infection are antifungal medicines. There are prescribed and over the counter creams or suppository antifungal medications to stop vaginal yeast infection. Just follow the instruction on how to use these medications for best results.

Natural treatment. Sometimes sufferers do not find relief from medications and they are looking for alternative treatments to stop vaginal yeast infection. If you have tried almost everything and your infection keeps coming back, natural remedies is another option. Did you know that you can stop yeast infection without using drugs? To find out how visit 12 Hour Cure For Yeast Infection.

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