Is Your Dog a Whiner? How to Control Dog Whining and Give Your Ears a Rest

Published: 02nd February 2009
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So maybe your dog is the cutest, most adorable thing on four legs, but if he's a whiner, cuteness can only get him (or her) so far. Before your patience runs out (and that of your neighbors'), you should learn how to control dog whining. But first, learn a few things about him.

Why does my dog whine? Before you could control dog whining behavior, you should know the reason why your dog whines. Whining and similar sounds like barking and howling are just some of the ways your dog knows to communicate how he feels. This often happens when he is left on his own. You'll notice this behavior in puppies that get separated from their mothers or litter-mates. It's a distress call meant to tell his pack members that he is scared, in pain, upset or needs something.

In your dog's case, whining may be a way to communicate that he wants food, attention or affection. Whining may also be his way of saying that he doesn't feel good, in which case you might want to check him right away. Whining is a good thing and if you love your dog, it's your cue to make sure his needs are met and he's happy and healthy to control dog whining.

Unfortunately, whining can also be a way for your dog to get what he wants when he wants it. In this case, it becomes an unconscious habit - a bad habit. It can be heartbreaking or annoying, depending on the situation and you might want to control dog whining immediately to prevent a bad habit from forming. Here's how:

Read his 'whining.' If you just came back from work and he whines, that's probably because your dog misses you and is glad to see you again. After a short while, he'll stop whining since he knows you're already home. If he's whining and aiming for the door, it can mean he wants to be let out to relieve himself. If this is the case, to stop or control dog whining, make sure to let him out.

If your dog is whining and seems upset, something might not be right, either with him or with your environment. He could be sick, in which case you'll have to check him or bring him to the vet. He might also be worried about other things within his vicinity. To control dog whining, make sure you check the house because something might be up.

When your dog wants your food. Your dog might be whining because he loves the smell of the juicy steak you're eating and wants a piece. Stop this behavior from becoming a habit and train your dog to have his own place to eat, totally separate from your dinner table. If your dog is still a puppy, don't feed him table scraps, especially when you're eating at the table. He will associate your eating a meal with something good coming his way. Don't encourage this.

When your dog whines for your attention. Most dogs like attention from you but there are times when you just can't oblige. In moments when you can, playing with your dog for a while might put a stop or control dog whining. If it doesn't, learn to ignore his bid for attention and withdraw from him. Usually, ignoring your dog will do the trick.

If he continues, however, tell him quietly but firmly to stop. Don't touch or pet him when you're reprimanding him and avoid massaging his neck or back. Giving him a massage means he's doing a good job and will send mixed messages. If the whining continues, stand directly in his view and in a loud voice, firmly say, 'No!' You can also stop dog whining by firmly tapping his muzzle with your hand.

Dogs are wonderful creatures whose companionship is valuable. Don't punish your dog to control dog whining, unless you know he's misbehaving. Punishment will not solve his problem and will only aggravate the negative feelings he has. Learn to 'read' your dog's behavior to control dog whining and impose discipline only when it's appropriate.

If you still failed with all your efforts to understand and control dog whining don't lose hope. Did you know that you can successfully control dog whining in the shortest possible time with positive results? Put an end to the stress and annoyance of your dog behavior problems and slash your dog obedience training in half by using techniques that give you immediate results visit Dogs' Corner

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