Know the Signs that She is Interested

Published: 09th April 2009
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Men are sometimes playing safe especially if they have been rejected many times and too careful to fall again. Most of the time, men are looking for signs that she is interested before making a decision to pursue her. There are usually undeniable signs to know if the girl is really interested and you should know how to recognize those signs.

Women have different ways of showing interest. Of course it is very obvious that the woman is interested if she is brave enough to tell you directly that she likes you. But some women are very shy to be frank and just give subtle signs that she is interested.

Sometimes it is very hard and confusing to read or figure out women. Sometimes you missed the hints or signs that she is interested and lose the chance of being with her. But women are also left frustrated if you failed to recognize those signs because they feel rejected. To avoid these things you must know the signs that she is interested and here are some tips:

She smiles. While smile is the universal language of friendliness, you will notice that she smiles at you to draw your attention to her. It is like you are the only person in the room and her smile is all yours. If a woman is showing this gesture, this is one of the signs that she is interested and flirting with you. A good gesture from you is to smile back at her.

She is trying to connect with you through eye contact. You will notice that she want to establish an eye contact with you or you caught her staring at you several times. If you will try to look her in the eyes, she will take this opportunity to look back at you and lock the eye contact for a few seconds to create a non-verbal connection with you.

She appears on her best. She makes an effort to look on her best when you are around. She appears well groomed and dresses well for you. She tries new hairstyles and put some make up to look more beautiful and to be noticeable by you.

She giggles and laughs with you. Notice how she responds to your jokes. You may notice she laughs even on your unfunny jokes and tries her best for you not to feel awkward. If you tease her she giggles and teases you back. She is very lively, energetic and happy when you are around. This is one of the signs that she is interested.

She asks about your personal life and wants to hang around with you. This is one of the signs that she is interested in you. She wants to know about your life like your hobbies, family, friends and other important details about you. You will also notice that she remembers almost everything you told her about you. She is nice to you and your friends. She treats you so nice and she likes hanging around with you and your friends. She makes an effort to get along with your friends.

Those are some of the signs that she is interested in you. But if she is not into you, do not lose hope because attraction is something that can be learned and created. You can build a lasting relationship with the woman of your dreams. Discover the step by step techniques on how to create attraction and a lasting relationship with the woman you've always wanted visit How To Be Irresistible To Women

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