Oral Yeast Infections- Get Rid of Oral Thrush for Good

Published: 01st April 2009
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Oral yeast infections or oral thrush is an infection of the mouth caused by Candida fungus which is normally present in our body. The infection is due to the overgrowth or uncontrolled growth of the fungus. An imbalance in our body system like weakened immune system, taking antibiotics, etc. encourages the growth of the fungus resulting to infections. Candida fungus thrives in wet and warm areas of the body like the mouth. It is important to find ways to get rid of oral thrush as early as possible to avoid chronic infections and other health issues.

The most common symptom of oral yeast infections is the presence of white lesions or patches in the mouth including the inner cheeks, tongue and throat. In worse cases the infection may spread into your esophagus. Oral thrush commonly occurs on newborn babies and on adults with chronic diseases like diabetes and HIV/ AIDS. In some cases it also occurs to people with dentures and those people taking antibiotics. The infection is also highly contagious, once you experience the symptoms of the infection, it is best to seek professional help to get rid of oral thrush and prevent it from spreading.

Some of the inconvenience caused by this oral yeast infection are difficulty swallowing, loss of appetite and sometimes nausea, fever and chest pains. To end all your dilemmas you need to get rid of oral thrush for good. Here are some tips:

Common treatment to get rid of oral thrush is antifungal antibiotics to stop the growth of fungi. Usually medications are in liquid form applied around the mouth and let it stay there as long as possible to treat the infection.

Good oral hygiene like brushing three times a day and using antiseptic mouth wash will help in preventing the spread of the infection. It is also best to sterilize your tooth brush using hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.

During the treatment to get rid of oral thrush, changes in your diet are important. Avoid food that feeds the fungus and encouraging its growth. Limit sweets or sugar and avoid food or drinks with yeast like bread, beer and wine.

It is also best to see your dentist regularly to prevent other oral diseases and to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Although there are medications and preventive measures to avoid spreading the infection, in some people the infection keeps coming back which means the infection is still there, lies dormant and just waiting for the right triggers for another break out.

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