Over-Developed Male Breasts - How Gynecomastia Affects Men

Published: 24th November 2011
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Gynecomastia or over-developed male breasts is a disorder common to adolescent boys. Their breasts grew bigger that they resemble those of women's. In most cases, gynecomastia disappears without treatment after puberty but unfortunately, a significant numbers of men continue to have enlarged breasts through out their adulthood lives. It is not a fatal condition and yet it can seriously damage the lives of men. For boys and men, having gynecomastia whether temporary or permanent is a very devastating condition and can affect their lives in so many ways.

How gynecomastia or over-developed male breasts affects men?

Damaged self-esteem. Self image, self-worth, self-confidence and self-respect, they are all combined into one as self-esteem. Although gynecomastia is not a life threatening condition, it is very destructive or damaging to men. Men with gynecomastia have to live their lives with boobs. They have to face the world being different and have to suffer the hurtful name calling, ridicule and humiliation of having over-developed male breasts. This can be very damaging to the self-image of men that leads to low self-esteem.

Damaged masculinity. Most men are conscious about their muscles and the contour of their bodies that is why going to the gym is a typical routine for most men. For men, maintaining a good-looking body is a plus factor to their manhood and masculinity. Having over-developed male breasts is not masculine. They can be mistaken as gays if their boobs became too obvious. The worst case is that there are men with over-developed male breasts who need to wear bra for support. Having boobs is definitely damaging their masculinity.

Unhappiness. Men with over-developed male breasts tend to hate their bodies. A person who does not like his body is definitely an insecure and unhappy person. Unhappiness with one's body can affect their response and outlook in life. Unhappy people usually have negative thoughts and attitude. They tend to withdraw from people because they are consumed by their sadness. The worst thing is that severe unhappiness can lead to depression.

Restricted activities. As much as possible, men do not want to talk about their large breasts. They voluntarily stopped participating in activities that will require them to wear shirts that will show the contour of their chest. Of course they will definitely avoid situations that will require them to take off their shirts. They avoid going to the beach or participating in sports commonly played by men because they will look weird or laughable if they will keep wearing thick shirts to hide their big breasts.

Difficulty in keeping romantic and sexual relationships. Having over-developed male breasts can get in the way of intimacy with the opposite sex. Getting intimate with a partner is difficult for men with gynecomastia. They are embarrassed and want to hide their enlarged breasts. They do not want their breasts to be seen or touched by their girlfriends and this is impossible if you are in a romantic or sexual relationship. There are women who can accept a man with breasts as big as theirs but they cannot get used to it and eventually get out of the relationship or men get too embarrassed and insecure that they eventually walk out of the relationship.

It is a fact that men with breasts are suffering in silence and having a hard time coming to terms with their condition. They do not have to continuously suffer because there are treatments to correct gynecomastia. Surgery is the common treatment but not everybody can afford it and there are men who do not want to put themselves under the knife. Fortunately, over-developed male breasts can be treated naturally with herbal remedies. To know how visit Gynecomastia Solution

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