Stop Dating the Wrong Men- Top 3 Methods to Stop Falling for the Wrong Guy

Published: 26th January 2010
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Are you getting hurt over and over again and you want to stop dating the wrong men? The worse thing that could happen to any woman is falling for the wrong guy. Unfortunately, there are women who keep getting hurt because they keep dating the same types of men. There are ways to break this cycle and get the man you want and save yourself from unbearable heartaches.

You may be attracting the same kind of men who will eventually give you heartaches and not ready for commitment. Being in this situation, you must realize that you need to stop dating the wrong men to stop falling for the wrong guy. Here are the top 3 methods to stop falling for the wrong guys:

Examine yourself. One of the things that you should do to stop dating the wrong men is examine yourself why you keep dating the same types of men. Are you lonely and afraid to end up alone that you just date anyone who comes along? Are those the type of guys your friends are dating? Or do you think you are not good enough and not convinced that you can get the man of your dreams? You have to analyze why you keep falling into the trap of dating the men you do not deserve. Knowing the reasons why you keep falling for the wrong guy is the first step to stop dating the wrong men.

Know what type of men you want and look at the right places. It is also important to think and evaluate what type of men you really want. If you want a lasting relationship with a man who wants to commit then there are places where responsible available men can be found. Although singles commonly meet at bars and clubs, there is a high chance that the men you will meet in places like these are just looking for fun and not for serious relationship. So as much as possible avoid singles bars. There are a bunch of nice and responsible men if you will just look at places like bookstores, museums, charity events, church events and community activities.

Take it slow. You have to take things slow, be careful and avoid falling too soon to a guy you barely know. Most women of course want to be treated like a lady and want a relationship she can keep. If this is what you want then there is no reason for you to waste your time with guys who just want some fun at your expense. By taking the time to know the guy first and not getting involved too soon, you can spare yourself from the pain and you can stop dating the wrong men as early as possible.

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