Sweaty Palms- How to Treat Palmar Hyperhidrosis

Published: 22nd June 2009
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Are you experiencing excessive hands sweating even if you are not nervous or you are perfectly on normal condition? Excessive sweating of the hands is also called palmar hyperhidrosis and this is the most annoying sweating problem a person could ever have. The effects of this disorder are not life threatening but it could bring difficulties in your life that is why it is important to know how to treat palmar hyperhidrosis.

The inconvenience of sweaty hands problem could also result to frustrations and low self-esteem. This disorder could prevent you from doing your work and daily activities with ease. You often struggle or find it difficult to do certain tasks like writing, typing and handling paper works. You are also embarrassed to shake hands with other people that sometimes it affects your job and your personality. You are always uneasy, have the tendency to always wipe your hands and you find it hard to concentrate on your job or other important things that needs your attention. To eliminate all of these hassles and difficulties, you need to know the best way to treat palmar hyperhidrosis.

Here are some methods to treat palmar hyperhidrosis:

Seek professional and medical advice to treat palmar hyperhidrosis. It is best to seek professional help if you are really annoyed by the excessive sweating of your hands. Getting help to treat palmar hyperhidrosis will also allow you to know your health condition because sometimes excessive sweating is a symptom of other diseases.

Commercial products to treat palmar hyperhydrosis. There are special products that you can buy with or without prescription to treat palm sweating. Some people find it effective to use underarms antiperspirant deodorant on their hands. A special kind of powder to keep sweaty hands dry is also available on your local store or pharmacy. Prescription or non-prescription 20% aluminium chloride solution is also another product that some people use to treat palmar hyperhidrosis.

Medical and advance procedure to treat palmar hyperhidrosis. There are advance and more aggressive procedures to get rid of excessive sweating of the hands. Botox injection is one procedure which include the use of botulinum toxin type A injected on the affected area. Iontophoresis is another advance treatment which involves the use of special equipment to run a tolerable amount of current on the skin to temporarily stop the sweat glands from performing its function. And sympathectomy is a surgical procedure in treating excessive sweating by cutting or clipping the sympathetic nerves responsible for excessive sweating problems. Be warned that these aggressive procedures might have irreversible side effects and you need to try all safer options before putting yourself under the knife.

Natural remedies to treat palmar hyperhidrosis. Although there are drugs and surgeries available to treat palmar hyperhidrosis, there are still people who are looking for a conservative way to treat excessive sweating problems. Natural remedies have been around for ages because some people find it effective in treating different diseases. Did you know that you can treat palmar hyperhidrosis in less than two weeks using natural remedies? To find out how visit Stop Sweating And Start Living

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