Tell Tale Signs That She Likes You

Published: 09th April 2009
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Men are often puzzled about women and sometimes think that women are unpredictable. It would be really exciting if you know how to read women. It would be easier to deal with women if you know what is going on their minds. Did you know that it is not impossible to know if you are the apple of her eyes? There are tell tale signs that she likes you, and you have to recognize those signs to know if she is really attracted to you.

Here are some of the signs that she likes you:

Her laughter is yours. One of the signs that she likes you is that she laughs on your jokes. She finds you interesting and full of life. Surprisingly, she even laughs on your unfunny jokes. She do not want you to appear uncomfortable with your unfunny jokes, so she makes an effort to still laugh even if it is not funny and save you from an awkward situation.

Her ears are all yours. She always has the time to listen to you. If you are in a group or gatherings and all the people left, she is willing to stay if you want a company and someone to listen. She listens attentively and gives you an assurance that she is just there for you.

Her mind is yours. She remembers everything you told her even those little things that you cannot remember that you told her. She even remembered the words you told her years ago or the first time you met her.

Her interest is yours. One of the signs that she likes you is that she is interested to know everything about you and ask a lot of questions about you. She may even hang around with people who know you especially your friends. She will show interest in the things that you love to do. Do not get surprised if she also gets into the sports clubs or other hobbies you have.

Her body language. Her body languages are also signs that she likes you. If she makes an effort to establish an eye contact with you, smile and plays with her hair while gazing at you, congratulations dude this is your hint that she likes you.

Those are some of the tell tale signs that she likes you. But did you know that attraction is something that can be learned? Even if you do not see signs that she likes you, you can create attraction with the person you´ve always wanted if you know how. Discover the step by step techniques on how to create attraction and a lasting relationship with the woman you've always wanted visit How To Be Irresistible To Women

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