The Agony of Women with Bigger Breast

Published: 17th August 2009
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Men's magazines, movies and the entertainment world are bombarded with big breasted women that is why most people think bigger is better. Most people do not know the agony of women with bigger breast. Bigger can be really painful and women who are suffering from the discomforts of carrying huge breast will agree that bigger is not always better.

Women with bigger breast have to go through so much emotional and physical stress carrying huge breast. People especially men will put too much attention on their breasts instead on their face. The worse thing is that they are being measured or judged by the size of their breast. It is so easy for most people to look at women with bigger breast as a sex symbol and overlooking their great personality. They are often teased, misjudged and categorized as flirts and easy to get. This unwanted attention and wrong judgment of women with bigger breast could lead to self doubt, low self-esteem and unhappy life.

Another dilemma of women with bigger breast that could be really frustrating is the physical discomforts brought by carrying huge breast. Big breasted women are often complaining about shoulder and back pain. They are also limited to do some physical activities. Running can be really difficult and painful with big breast bouncing everywhere.

Of course women love to dress up and want to look good all the time. For women with bigger breast, it is hard to find the right size of clothes and they are usually limited to certain style of clothes. They cannot wear anything they want because their big breast needs more room so they will end up wearing loose clothing.

The agony of women with bigger breast can be really disturbing and can affect their personal and social life. But why suffer if something can be done about it? Breast reduction is an option to get rid of the dilemmas of carrying huge breasts. Discover how to reduce breast size using natural method visit Natural Breast Reduction Treatment

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