The Bad Side of Divorce - 3 Things That You Should Know

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Published: 27th June 2012
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There is no easy marriage and difficult situations do occur and when the going gets tough, divorce seems like the right thing to do. Some couples think that ending a marriage through divorce would make them happier. While divorce could work for some couples, still the bad side of divorce cannot be denied. Divorce may look like the most convenient means to walk away from a troublesome marriage but in reality it is not. The dilemma of divorce is something that could put a dent to you as a person and to the lives of your children and it may take a lifetime to mend.

There are many things that can make the marriage really difficult like trying to meet those unreasonable demands and unrealistic expectations. With all the problems going on in your marriage, the commitment and vows you both promised to fulfil through thick and thin are now all forgotten and you are thinking that the easiest way out of your troubled relationship is divorce. It is sad to think that divorce became an escape for those who gave up the hope and the will to save what deserves to be saved. Citing some of the bad side of divorce might help you to re-think if you are planning to end your marriage.

Divorce will cost you and the state money. You want to break the written contract of your marriage but it is not free, that's the bad side of divorce. Divorce is economically or financially damaging not only to the couples but also to the state. Divorce will cost the state and federal government of the temporary assistance that they need to provide for the needs of the family whose lives are disrupted by the divorce. Child support enforcement cost is also being shouldered by the state. The couples have to shoulder the legal fees of the divorce and the settlement of the assets. All the payments that they need to accomplish are so financially, physically, emotionally and mentally draining. The cost of divorce is more than what you can imagine.

The emotional side of divorce is depressing. The emotion that you have to use in the legal battle inside the courtroom is so exhausting that it is like a nightmare. The emotional trauma continues long after you left the courtroom. Some people think that getting out of the marriage will make them happier but the truth is, divorce is depressing and makes you feel like a failure. Being a failure in your relationship is another bad side of divorce. You failed to salvage a marriage that took years to nurture and this is something couples will carry long after the divorce is finalized and done. The feelings of failure will always be there and haunt them especially when they are rebuilding their lives and trying to start a new relationship.

The children are the most affected when their parents separated through divorce. This is another bad side of divorce that is so hard to deal with. If the couples are in turmoil while the divorce is being processed, the children are suffering the most. They are losing a family and they are confused, lost and in shock. Adjusting and mending the pain of having divorced parents are not easy for the children. Being a product of a broken home is something they will carry for the rest of their lives. The changes brought by divorce in their lives can affect their behaviors, studies, outlook about relationships or marriage and in some cases even their health are affected.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment but it is a fact that keeping a marriage is not easy. Is divorce the only solution when the marriage becomes difficult? Would you like to live with the ugly side of divorce? Have you exhausted all possible solutions to save your troubled marriage? Although it is hard to keep a marriage, it is not impossible to rekindle the love and passion in your marriage. Others have done it, why can't you? Save your marriage today and avoid living with the bad side of divorce visit Win A Love Back

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