The Dilemma of Huge, Out of Proportion, Breasts

Published: 09th February 2011
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The size of the breast is an important factor that affects the physical appearance of any woman. There are women who are not satisfied with their small breasts because they feel less feminine and attractive. On the other hand, there are women who are suffering the dilemma of huge out of proportion breasts.

Why huge breasts are such a dilemma? If your breasts are not in proportion with your frame, your upper extremities is not in proportion with the rest of your body. Excessively huge breasts can bring physical and psychological stress.

Women with huge out of proportion breasts never experienced wearing bathing suit because they are embarrassed with the size of their breasts and do not want to be laughed at and ridiculed by other people. Although they need to accept this fact, they are still wishing and hoping to experience having fun on the beach wearing sexy bathing suit.

Having huge out of proportion breasts prevent women from participating in sports activities. They find it painful and hard to engage in physical activities like running. They are deprived of the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of physical activities.

Failure to participate in sports and limited choices of clothes are not the only dilemmas of carrying huge heavy breasts. Women with huge out of proportion breasts also suffer from physical pain and some health issues. The heavy weight of the breasts can cause the bra strap to dig painful ridges on the shoulders resulting to great discomfort. Severe back pain is also a common problem because the heavy breasts can put a lot of stress on the spine.

Living with huge out of proportion breasts can bring so much stress and frustrations. There are women who cannot take it anymore and decided to subject themselves under the knife through breast reduction surgery. But is surgery the only solution?

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