The Disadvantages of Carrying Excessively Huge Breasts

Published: 13th August 2009
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If you think women with excessively huge breasts are gifted, you probably do not have an idea what these women are going through physically and psychologically with their exceptionally huge bust size. Not all women are happy with large bust size because it is also accompanied by a lot of pains and discomforts.

Here are some of the disadvantages of carrying excessively huge breasts:

Limited to do certain activities. Carrying excessively huge breasts can get into the way of doing certain physical activities. Running can be very difficult because the breast will bounce too much causing breast pains while running. This physical limitation will prevent you from participating in some sports activities and it will put limits on your social activities.

Unwanted attention and comments. Guys will usually stare at your breast instead at your face or eyes and this is really annoying. People may throw nasty comments, teasing and jokes that can be really embarrassing and hurtful. The worse thing is that with your excessively huge breasts, some guys may think they can get you easily. Constant humiliation can lead to low self-esteem and unhappy life.

Finding clothes that fit is really hard. It is hard to find a swimsuit and brassiere that fits. You cannot wear the type of clothes you want due to the size of your breast. You will end up wearing baggy loose-fitting clothes to give more room for your breast.

Health issues. Excessively huge breasts can cause posture problems. Neck, shoulder and back pain are common for women with large breasts. The strap of your bra can cause deep grooves on your shoulder due to the heavy weight of your breasts.

You will feel unattractive. Wearing the wrong type of clothes due to your bust size will make you feel unattractive. You excessively huge breasts may sag eventually and it can affect your overall appearance. Of course, sagging breasts are not cute and gorgeous.

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