Yeast Infection- Treating Oral Thrush

Published: 01st April 2009
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Oral thrush is the occurrence of white lesions inside the mouth including the tongue, inner cheeks and throat. The lesions may cause pains and difficulty swallowing. If not treated the infection may spread down to your esophagus causing more serious health issues. Before it becomes a chronic problem, you need to know the effective ways of treating oral thrush.

Oral thrush is one of the most common yeast infections suffered by most people. The Candida fungus which is normally present in our body is responsible for the occurrence of the infection. The fungus thrives in wet warm areas of the body like the mouth or oral cavity. When the balance around the oral cavity environment is disturbed, the fungus grows faster causing oral yeast infection. Treating oral thrush as early as possible is important to avoid other health concerns.

People who wear dentures are prone to oral thrush. The infection is also common to newborn babies. People who are taking antibiotics and those who have weak immune system are all at risk to oral thrush.

Here are some tips in treating oral thrush:

It is important that you seek medical or professional advice in treating oral thrush. Laboratory tests and analysis will be helpful to know the severity of your infection.

Stop the growth of Candida by starving the fungus. Sugar feeds the fungus so avoid sugar or sweetened foods. You should also avoid foods with yeast like bread, beer, etc. Eating raw garlic or garlic capsule can help stop the growth of the fungus because garlic has antifungal properties.

Good oral hygiene. It is important to have a good oral hygiene in treating oral thrush. Brush your teeth after meals and floss once a day. If you are smoking, this is the time to learn to quit smoking.

Antifungal medicines. There are over the counter and prescription antifungal medicines in treating oral thrush. There are many types of antifungal medicines like creams, medicines taken by mouth and injections.

Improve your immune system. As mentioned above, those people with weak immune system are highly at risk to the infection. Boost your immune system by avoiding stress, getting enough sleep and eating the right kind of food.

Natural remedies. Natural remedies are gaining popularity now because they are safe, effective and inexpensive. If you have tried almost everything in treating oral thrush but failed to get rid of the infection for good then natural remedies is another option.

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